Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing

A Blower Door Test simply measures how much air filters in and out of your house. The Blower Door allows technicians to apply a measurable and consistent pressure to the house, these numbers allow us to quantify areas that may need further tightening.

Current Massachusetts building codes require that a Blower Door Test be completed on all New Construction projects, as well as most renovations.

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The auditor will set up his blower door in an outer door facing outward, to depressurize your home (in most cases). He will systematically move about your home setting up the house for the test. The test requires a few parameters be set to yield accurate results. Once he is done with his walk through, your auditor will begin the test. Depending on the size of your home, the test takes roughly 2-4 hours.

The current building code requires a tightness of 3 ACH (air changes/hour) to receive a passing score.

What happens if your project doesn’t meet the specs?

Typically the technician can identify a few problem areas during the test that may help you if you pass if properly sealed. If the test numbers are far from passing we can put you in touch with a specialized air sealing team.


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