Beechtree Energy offers HVAC Preventative Maintenance Programs in Barnstable, MA and Cape Cod

HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program on Cape Cod

Beechtree Energy is an independent energy consulting firm that specializes in the diagnostic troubleshooting of HVAC and building projects.

Preventative Maintenance Program: Furnace & AC Tune-Up

Does your HVAC system need maintenance?

Call today to get that much-needed tune-up for your Heating & Cooling system.

Benefits of AC, Furnace, and Heat Pump Maintenance:

  • Energy efficiency: Maintained mechanical systems are up to 25 percent more energy efficient than neglected ones.
  • Lower operating costs: Maintenance services address and prevent small issues that could turn into expensive repairs.
  • Extend equipment lifetime: Maintenance can give you peace of mind knowing that with your equipment, you'll get your full money's worth.

During each preventive maintenance service visit, a qualified technician will inspect and evaluate your heating and cooling equipment, make needed adjustments, and identify any failures or essential repairs.

Other maintenance activities can include:

  • Changing filters
  • Tightening and changing belts
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Lubricating motor bearings
  • Checking compressor oil levels
  • Measuring refrigerant charge
  • Checking for leaks
  • Testing condensate pumps
  • Cleaning condensate pans and drains
  • Testing operational and safety controls
  • Cleaning burner assemblies
  • Fire testing

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Beechtree Energy is an HVAC Company located in West Barnstable, MA and services Cape Cod.
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Diagnostic troubleshooting of HVAC and building projects

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