MassSave AC Check

As a MassSave HVAC Contractor we offer a no cost AC Check of your System

A nationwide HVAC study showed that as many as 66% of Central Air Conditioners and Central Heat Pumps are improperly installed

Your friends at Beechtree Energy take energy efficiency seriously. We want your mechanical equipment to be running as efficient as possible. The AC Check Service verifies that your system is running properly, efficiently and to the manufacturers recommendations. Call us today!!

Here’s what you’ll receive with our No-Cost Ac Check Service
  • Check system Refrigerant Charge
  • Measure Refrigerant Temps and Pressures
  • Check of proper Air Flow
  • Measure Indoor Supply and Return Temps
  • Indoor/Outdoor electrical measurement
  • Visual inspection of Duct System
  • No-Cost Duct Sealing (if needed)
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If we are getting cool air from the system, how bad can a refrigerant charge problem be?

Incorrect charge significantly reduces the cooling capacity and energy efficiency of your unit and can also damage your system. If a unit is significantly undercharged, the compressor can overheat, causing it to burn up internally. Overcharging can flood the compressor with liquid refrigerant, causing the piston to fail. In both cases, premature compressor failure is the likely result.

How can I have an airflow problem if my system is blowing cool air?

All rebate eligible central air conditioning and heat pump systems include a high-efficiency ECM (electronically commutated motor), and a multi-speed blower. It is set at the factory, based on the typical mid-range of its capacity, which might not be the best setting for your home or duct system. When systems leave the factory, they are shipped all across the country, so the system needs to be set to perform optimally in the climate where it is installed.

When the airflow is too high, your system will have difficulty removing humidity from the air, leaving your house cool but humid. If the airflow is less than manufacturer’s recommendations, your system will have to operate much longer to cool your house, and may even cause your system to eventually iced up, leaving you with no air conditioning, and possibly a damaged compressor.

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